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Party Magician  - Danny Jewell

Manchester Magician Danny Jewell with showgirls at 235 Manchester Casino
Everybody enjoys a party / celebration from young to old so why not have a magician to amaze and bemuse guests during the event?

Danny has performed at many parties / celebrations over the last 10 years and it was where his first performance took place. Whether the party be at a house, in a garden or at an alternate suitable venue, Danny can add that sparkle of magic to ensure guests are in good spirits for the rest of the event.

As your guests worked hard all week, why not help them relax at your party with magic as the ideal ice-breaker to create the long lasting memories that they will keep forever? If you have guests who enjoy magic a little more than the rest, Danny does have experience performing with music in the background. He performs visual magic and if the music is loud, the magic still works well based on the spectator reactions.

Just like any event, Danny offers a 2 hour and a 3 hour party package. The most common time slot would be 8pm – 10pm as this allows guests to be entertained as they arrive and get their first drink. When the buffet is served, Danny mix and mingles amongst guests finding anyone who may be waiting for the queue to go down or for anyone that has already finished their meal.

Danny is not a Magician who entertains children less than 7 years old because the type of magic he does is visual close up magic. From experience, his show has a lot more impact on children slightly older as they are more aware of the objects used to baffle them. Children’s entertainers and magicians tend to use bright colourful magic using puppets or the classic magician gone wrong trick that is more effective for children aged 3-7 years old. Danny is always honest with clients and will recommend a suitable children’s magician or balloon modeller that will do a brilliant job.

Magic works exceptionally well around the tables or in-between canapés in any situation so contact Danny with your personal needs for an instant quote. He also has a special piece of magic for the bookers of the event which is exclusive to these people!
review for manchester magician after performing at a party

Danny performed at my mum's 50th. The guests all loved it and we're left speechless from the performance. Well worth the money and will definitely be asking him to come again

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